31 August 2022

We will do our best to keep you updated but we are unable to guarantee we will be aware of all specific measures. Please reconfirm all procedures and restrictions in place at each municipality with your hotel reception upon check-in.

Portugal Trails cannot be held responsible for any additional expenses on Covid Related situations during your trip – this includes any covid testing, extended/reduced stay, meals, medical expenses, fines, etc..

Update – August 31st

Portugal has revoked the need to wear face masks on public transportations – such as airplanes, taxis, bus, metro, being now mandatory to wear them only on health facilities.

Can I Travel to Portugal?

All passengers are authorized to enter Portugal, regardless of their origin or purpose of travel.


What do I need if visiting Portugal Mainland?

Visitors can enter freely by air, land and sea.


And what about Madeira?

Travellers can entry freely at the airports, ports and marinas of Madeira. Tests undertaken before returning to the country of origin are the responsibility of the passenger, i.e. at his/her own expense. Registration is recommended at


And the Azores?

People aged 12 or older visiting the Azores must present either the EU Digital Covid Certificate, or a negative RT- PCR test carried out 72h prior to the departure or a rapid antigen test 48h before boarding. All tests made for travels to the Azores at a network of laboratories with agreement with the Regional Government of the Azores will be paid the Regional Government. After scheduling your test, you should appear at the laboratory at the time and date established and follow the information that was given to you. Visitors who are travelling between islands are exempted from taking tests, as well as visitors arriving from flights in Portugal Mainland. 


Can I Visit Spain?

Yes, the land borders between Portugal and Spain are open and circulation is permitted freely.

If you are travelling by plane, and you are from outside of the EU and Schengen Area, you will need to fill the Spain Travel Health registration and present your vaccination certificate with:

o Name and surname;
o Birth date;
o Vaccine: COVID -19 (SARS -CoV -2 or other variants)
o Name of the vaccine;
o Manufacturer;
o Number of doses administered;
o Serial number for both doses;
o Vaccination date for both doses;
o Country where it was administered;
o Certificate issued by.


What do I need when returning home?

If you are a holder of an EU Covid Digital Certificate you can fast track this at the airport when returning. (Check for additional official restrictions from your country with your airline).


What If I am arriving from Portugal and departing from Spain?

Visitors can enter freely in Portugal by air, land and sea, but, according to the return requirements in your country, you may have to perform another covid-19 test before returning home.


And the other way round?

Before entering Spain, all travelers outside the EU or Schengen Area, must fill out a Health Control Form. See specific arrival requirements in Spain here. The borders between Portugal and Spain are open and depending on the return requirements in your country, you may have to perform another covid-19 test before returning home..


Guidelines while in Portugal

Restaurants and cafés

  • All open and functioning on their regular schedules;
  • Booking in advance is recommended and the hotel reception can help with this;
  • Bars and nightclubs are open as well;

Monuments, museums and art galleries

  • All open and functioning on their regular schedules;

Theaters, Cinemas and concert halls

  • All open and functioning on their regular schedules;

Shops and markets

  • All open and functioning on their regular schedules;


What should I do if I have Covid Symptoms?

On Portuguese territory, travelers who show symptoms suggestive of respiratory disease during or after travel should immediately contact the National Health Service by calling 808 24 24 24 (SNS24) - press 9 for English. According to Portuguese law, all foreign citizens have access to the National Health Service at a public hospital and you can use the number above to help with screening of your symptoms and so that they can direct you to the nearest hospital.


As a visitor to Portugal, where can I easily test for Covid 19?

Should you need to perform a RT-PCR or a rapid antigen (TRAg) test while in Portugal, you have the following options available:


There are also private city laboratories where you can schedule your test.

  • JCS clinics: You can make your booking online at their website, available in English at Below are the addresses of some of these test facilities throughout Portuguese cities. Visit to these facilities must be scheduled in advance:

Lisbon: JCS Tomás Ribeiro - Rua Tomás Ribeiro, 6 C, 1050-229 (near Picoas metro station)
Évora: JCS Évora - Rua Miguel Bombarda, 62, 7000-919 (near Carmo Church)
Aveiro: JCS Aveiro - Rua Luís Gomes de Carvalho, 28, 3800-211 (near the city hall)
Faro: JCS Montenegro - Rua Prof Egas Moniz, 82 Faro, 8005-316 (near Faro airport)


  • Germano de Sousa (Porto): Test must be booked by phone at +351 930 570 152. Even though it is the standard procedure to answer in Portuguese, they are available to answer in English and help you with your test. Address: Rua Heróis e Mártires de Angola, n. 15 Trindade Edf. Domus, Lj. 18, 4000-285 Porto (near Trindade metro station).


  • Germano de Sousa (Azores – Ponta Delgada): Test must be booked by phone at +351 912 994 371. Even though it is the standard procedure to answer in Portuguese, they are available to answer in English and help you with your test. Address: Avenida D. João III nº 46 ,9500 310 Ponta Delgada.


  • Clinica da Sé (Madeira): Test can be booked via their website or by phone (+351 291 207 676). Even though it is the standard procedure to answer in Portuguese, they are available to answer in English and help you with your test. Address: Rua das Murças Nº 42, 9000-058 Funchal (near the cathedral)


  • Unilabs: Tests can be scheduled online for one of the drive-through units throughout the country.


  • CEDOC (Lisbon): Tests must be booked through their website.


Always confirm in advance through the Government and airline websites what are the tests required and approved to return to your country or travel to your next destination.


Is there any travel insurance that covers expenses related to Covid-19?

Portugal has developed a travel insurance for visitors residing abroad - Portugal Travel Insurance - which covers, among other aspects, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses related to Covid-19, as well as cancellation, interruption expenses or extension of the trip also for reasons of Covid-19. For more information contact or visit


Help and support

While you are in Portugal, your safety and security is the responsibility of the Portuguese authorities. You should follow their advice and comply with the measures they have put in place. Updates to current measures in place can be consulted here and here


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