1 March 2024

Spain is an exciting European gem of rich culture, ancient history, delightful gastronomy and enchanting vistas. Every corner has a new landmark to unveil and stories to unearth. To make the most out of this country’s highlights, be it the savoury paella, Gaudí’s mesmerizing works or the soulful flamenco, you must set aside the right number of days for an ultimately unforgettable trip.

Embarking on a 15-day journey allows for an ideal balance between uncovering the essence of this destination’s most iconic cities while soaking in the authentic cultural experiences that make Spain so unique. From the vibrant streets of artistic Barcelona to historical Madrid, coastal Valencia and the Moorish treasures of Granada, you are in for two weeks of constant adventure.

Are you ready to unveil Spain’s wonders? Let’s begin your Highlights of Spain tour.


Days 1 to 3 – Getting to know Barcelona

Days 1 to 3 – Getting to know Barcelona

Concealed in a strong Mediterranean character, Barcelona rises as the first stop in your trip to Spain. Picture yourself strolling down sun-kissed avenues, where the scent of blooming flowers intertwines with the salty breeze of the nearby sea. Surely, this is a city where vibrant energy and beautiful views harmoniously dance together.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the traditional La Boquería Market and las Ramblas, find solace in the kaleidoscope of colours and shapes at the iconic Casa Batlló and Casa Milà. Every curve and every magnetic hue shed light on the creativity and imagination of the creator, Antoni Gaudí. As you gaze upon the intricate façades adorned with vibrant mosaic tiles, let your senses be swept away by the ingenuity behind this creation.


Days 1 to 3 – Getting to know Barcelona 2


Following the steps of this artist and architect, you will find yourself in the infamous Parc Guell, an iconic landmark in Barcelona with a fantastic viewpoint to admire the city from a whole new perspective. From the top of this transcendent park, a stunning cityscape unfolds before your eyes, punctuated by the piercing spires of La Sagrada Família and the warm sunlight that engulfs the town in an alluring atmosphere.

When hunger strikes, surrender to the tantalising aromas escaping from the quaint tapas bars and bustling markets. Surely, it is time to have your first contact with Spain’s symphony of flavours as you indulge in Catalan delicacies, namely the decadently savoury patatas bravas.

The sights, sounds and tastes of this eclectic destination will linger on with you as you move along in your journey to the next exciting destination – Valencia!


Days 4 & 5 – Valencia, from paella to innovative architecture

Days 4 & 5 – Valencia, from paella to innovative architecture

The fragrance of freshly harvested oranges and the striking scent of smoky paprika introduce Valencia, a Spanish coastal wonder punctuated by daring architectural feats and imbued with a transporting ambience. Amidst the winding cobblestoned streets of the historical Barrio del Carmen, you are automatically drawn to the colourful façades and wrought-iron balconies that lead the way to the lively plazas. Music and laughter mingle in the air, welcoming you into the locals’ point of view.

The traditional paella is part of your exploration of Valencia. The city’s gastronomic heritage is poured into each mouthful of this iconic dish, distinguished for its fusion of tender rice with succulent seafood or richly flavoured meat and aromatic spices. This communal experience will bring you and your travel companions together in an indulging feast of utter comfort and deliciousness. Paella is a truly cherished Mediterranean wonder!


Days 4 & 5 – Valencia, from paella to innovative architecture 2


In your two days in Valencia, make the time to venture forth to the architectural wonderland that is one of this destination’s top attractions, the City of Arts and Sciences – a futuristic complex of white structures that contrast with the azure sky. Set by the river, this exhibition centre’s singular beauty invites you to uncover the marvels hidden inside, including one of Europe’s largest aquariums.

No trip to Valencia is complete without a visit to the Mercado Central. Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of sun-ripped fruits and verdant vegetables perfectly displayed in the lined stalls that contrast with the warm and comforting aroma of freshly baked bread. 


Days 6 to 10 – The Moorish heritage of Granada, Jaén and Córdoba

Days 6 to 10 – The Moorish heritage of Granada, Jaén and Córdoba

Moving further south to the endless summer dream of the Andalusia region, your trip, so far rich in artistic and gastronomical value, takes a turn to the cultural weight of Moorish heritage. Your first stop is Granada, the home of the iconic Alhambra Palace, a timeless treasure of opulence and grandeur erected by the Moors in the 9th century. As you lose yourself in the hidden courtyards and lush gardens, the cobblestoned ground transports you to a bygone era of conflict but also enchantment and romance.

In Jaén, the “Olive Oil Capital of the World,” the Santa Catalina Castle dominates the oldest part of the city, once a dominion of Moorish forces. Climbing its ancient walls and soaking in the panoramic views from the top introduce you to a cherished panorama of picturesque terracotta rooftops and sprawling olive groves that defy the horizon with their contrasting colours.


Days 6 to 10 – The Moorish heritage of Granada, Jaén and Córdoba 2


Your last two days will lead you to yet another fascinating destination, Córdoba. Between the intricate passageways of the ancient Jewish Quarter, you will find the lingering sound of distant flamenco guitars that will serenade your senses. The ornate arches and delicate stonework of the Great Mosque will whisper in your ears the tales of past Moorish grandeur splattered in the lush gardens of one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, the Alcázar de los Reys Cristianos.

Tranquility and enchantment will help you reflect on the strong architectural and cultural heritage left by the Moors in this enthralling Spanish corner.


Days 11 & 12 – Marvel at vibrant Seville

Days 11 & 12 – Marvel at vibrant Seville

Let the sun-drenched streets of Andalusia conduce you to Seville and its spirited character of Mediterranean warmth. Here, all roads lead to the haunting melodies and swirling skirts of flamenco. The resounding sound of the frantically tapping feet accompanies your journey across the ancient Barrio Santa Cruz and its narrow alleys.

The labyrinthine lanes of the Mercado de Triana, lightened by the vibrant hues of fresh produce, welcome you to the culinary delights of Andalusia. The traditional tapas are part of a journey shadowed by the succulent Iberian ham, the sizzling chorizo and the fresh salmorejo. A glass of sangria will liven the spirits as you introduce yourself to the tapear culture – a socialising experience where food takes centre stage.


Days 11 & 12 – Marvel at vibrant Seville 2


As the sun sets, bask in the evening golden glow at Torre del Oro. This stunning 13th-century marvel, bathed in the warm and radiant end-of-day light, will appear as an even more breathtaking construction that defines Seville’s cityscape.  

In the heart of Andalusia’s crown jewel, every moment is an invitation to allow yourself to be moved by the beauty and passion of Spain!


Days 13 to 15 – In the heart of Spain, Madrid and Toledo

Days 13 to 15 – In the heart of Spain, Madrid and Toledo


At last in the heart of Spain, a hub of delightful gastronomy, historical marvels and enticing cultural treasures. In this final trench, the dynamic rhythm of Madrid and the timeless allure of Toledo merge into the ultimate highlight experience.

In Madrid, the air hums with the lively buzz of conversation oozing from the bustling plazas adorned with ornate fountains, each a testament to the city’s architectural splendour. Such grandiosity expands into the Royal Palace, the ex libris of the Spanish monarchy that will put you at the centre of Spain’s history. The iconic statue of Diego Velázquez at the gate of the Prado Museum sets the tone for a cultural visit where the evolution of art is also the evolution of Spain.


Days 13 to 15 – In the heart of Spain, Madrid and Toledo 2


Head south toward Toledo, a living medieval wonder suspended in time. As you stand in the ancient streets of this charming destination, listen closely to the faint echoes of centuries past, once the hopeless or hopeful prayers of knights and kings waiting for grandeur. Allow your eyes to feast upon the breathtaking treasured vistas of the Alcázar and the stunning cathedral. In this hidden gem, every step will prove to you to be an invaluable journey through time and culture.

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