18 June 2024

Green rolling hills immerse the Italian Tuscany region in an idyllic, picturesque ambience that reaches its verdant zenith in the summer season. As the coastal destinations buzz with crowds of tourists seeking the freshness of the sea, the heart of Italy rises as an alternative to the country’s south.

With its sun-kissed vineyards, shaded spots and Renaissance treasures, Tuscany charms visitors with its warm weather and timeless charm. Every moment spent in this region, whether tasting the locally-produced wines or visiting the cities’ museums, will make your summer holiday an experience to remember!


Sunny long days to explore beautiful towns

1 - Sunny long days to explore beautiful towns

Burrowed in the calmness of the Tuscan countryside is a selection of urban centres that take the heart of Italy by storm with their remarkable architectural marvels and artistic flair. Among them are the likes of Florence, Siena and Pisa – three crown jewels of the Tuscany region, each glistening in their own unique charm and allure.

Also known as the “Cradle of the Renaissance”, Florence envelops you in a tapestry of enchanting palaces, sacrilegious churches and moving art galleries that awaken the senses with masterpieces by Botticelli and Donatello. As you wander along the shadow of the city’s magnificent Duomo on an early morning stroll, take in the scent of espresso wafting from the nearby cafés and the people’s chattering murmur of the early hour reduced crowds. As the sun sets, head over to Ponte Vecchio, an undeniably iconic landmark crossing the river, which reveals Florence in a new light.



1 - Sunny long days to explore beautiful towns 2


No visit to Tuscany is complete without a stop at the infamous Pisa, the home of one of the world’s most iconic landmarks – the Leaning Tower. This gravity-defying construction has helped build this destination’s reputation and take it to all corners of the world.

Yet, its architectural wonders go beyond this structure, stretching to the historic lanes of the town centre and its pastel-coloured buildings. As you trod these ancient lanes, you’re transported to the questioning mind of Galileo Galilei. While here, take time to visit the sprawling Campo dei Miracoli, which will unveil to you the grand Duomo and Baptistry.



1 - Sunny long days to explore beautiful towns 3


Early in the morning on your Tuscan holiday, venture south to explore Siena, a town where time stands still in the medieval splendour of its historic centre. Enjoying the cool air of the early hours, you are at the perfect time of day to follow the footsteps of ancient merchants who crossed the winding streets in their daily affairs. The Piazza del Campo is the destination’s beating heart. Here, the Duomo imposes itself with its marbled façade. At the end of your day out on the town, climb to the Torre del Magnia to admire the panoramic views of the city.


Dolce fare niente… enjoying great wines


2 - Dolce fare niente ... enjoying great wines 2


As the sun sets over the Tuscan horizon, the warm glow of the sun envelops the region’s vineyards in a mesmerising light. As this unforgettable postcard develops before your eyes, you are ready to savour the delights of Tuscany before the scenic vistas of expansive vineyards. There is no better place to embark on such an unforgettable experience than in the magical Chianti – the embodiment of the "Dolce fare niente"!

As one of Italy’s most renowned wine-producing regions, this destination is the ideal spot to take in the charm of Tuscany from a rural perspective and embark on a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience. Imagine experiencing this spectacle of sensorial moments with a glass of Chianti Classico in hand. Under this canvas of a Tuscan sunset, every moment becomes a celebration of life’s most simple pleasures and the joy of doing nothing, per se, appreciating the present.


Places to cool down and escape the heat

3 - Museums to cool down and escape the heat

With the scorching sun of summer blaring up in the sky, there is no better place to cool down than inside the hallowed halls of the museums. Truly, Tuscany boasts a collection of venues rich in artistic masterpieces and historical tokens that beckon travellers from all corners of the world. So, the question is, why not include it in your itinerary?

The Uffizi Gallery, in Florence, is quintessential of Italian Renaissance art. This remarkable institution and its labyrinthine corridors are home to some of the country’s most precious works of art authored by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli. For a more detailed admiration of Michelangelo’s work, then the Accademia should be your next stop. Also established in Florence, this venue has one of the largest art collections by this iconic Italian creator. Standing before the imposing statue of David, your mind is left to wander off into the ingenious mind behind the work. From a single block of marble David comes to mind as one of Italy’s most prominent artistic symbols, which has enriched the cultural identity of Tuscany.



3 - Museums to cool down and escape the heat 3


Fairytale-like Lucca is one of Tuscany’s treasures that stands out for its timeless Renaissance walls and medieval buildings that transport visitors to the town’s past as a prominent silk manufacturing centre in Italy. Besides this historical charm, Lucca is known by many for its expansive shaded areas, cherished in the summer months.

The town’s cobblestone streets lead to quiet gardens and hidden courtyards – true verdant oases, perfect for enjoying a refreshing Italian gelato under the shade of trees. Some of the places to visit in Lucca to seek respite from the summer heat are the Giardini di Villa Bottini and the local cafés with umbrella-covered terraces. With a glass of Prosecco in your hand, you have finally time to relax and lose yourself in the tranquillity of this hidden destination.


Staying in the countryside

4 - Staying in the countryside

If you wish to escape the tourist crowds and the scorching heat of the summer, then the Tuscan countryside is the ideal choice. The scenic vistas of lush greenery, elevated by the charming hill towns, are the background to a relaxed stay. Nestled amidst vineyards and olive groves, these treasured small towns, such as San Gimignano, offer the best of both worlds - breathtaking panoramic views and easy access to cultural centres like Florence and Siena.

With more space, the hotel facilities in the countryside of Tuscany offer more ways to cool off, for example, in the clear waters of an exterior swimming pool or at the shaded terraces with a fresh cocktail in your hand. As you embrace rural life, you are at the right place to explore traditional Italian gastronomy in the local terraced restaurants and cafés.


Summer Festivities and Events

5 - Summer Festivities and Events

Summer in Tuscany is also a time of celebration and events that liven up the streets of rural Italy. Each offers a sensory feast for the soul and makes your time in the region even more whimsical and memorable.

In Arezzo, visitors step back in time at the Medieval Festival, an annual event on the second-to-last Saturday of June. On this day, the whole city turns up in medieval costumes to pay homage to its ancestral roots. The city’s quarters and neighbourhoods face off against each other in a joust with the ultimate goal of winning the Golden Lance. 


5 - Summer Festivities and Events 2


Meanwhile, in Lucca, the atmosphere is one of contemporary music and electrifying performances that mark the Summer Festival - a musical celebration that brings melody to the warm summer nights. Some of the greatest names in music climb up to the stage of this Italian town and fill in with their rhythmic creations.

For a more peculiar taste of Tuscany, the Bravio delle Botti tradition and event is the one to go. Set in Montepulciano’s historic town centre, this is a competition that puts against each other eight districts for the chance to win the painted cloth. The activity tests contenders by having them roll empty 80kg wine barrels surrounded by a medieval apparatus of costumes and flags.


Living a summer dream in Tuscany

Tuscany is beyond an escape from the summer heat. Contrasting with the sandy shores and busy promenades of the south, this destination invites you on a different journey – one where the serene charm of the countryside introduces Italy’s most traditional scents and flavours. So, as you plan your summer escapades for next year, we invite you to consider Tuscany as your destination of choice?


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