28 June 2024

Ever landed in a city and thought, "Wow, if I were a place, this would be me"? It is like finding your perfect match, where everything from the street vibes to the snack bites feels like it has been curated just for you. That is the kind of love story we are here for: you and your dream Spanish city, a match made in wanderlust heaven!

Travel is more than just about collecting selfies or souvenirs; it is about discovering those spots where you fit in so well! Today, we are diving headfirst into the colourful, flamboyant, and downright delicious world of Spain. Are you an art aficionado who loves to get lost in museums? Or maybe a beach bum? Perhaps you are a history nerd ready to time-travel through cobblestone streets. Or a foodie on a quest to taste the dish that will make your taste buds sing flamenco? In this blog post, we are playing matchmaker, helping you find the Spanish city that is your soulmate!

If you are a wine lover...

1 - If you are a wine lover...

Let's buckle up and set off on a whimsical wine wagon, steering through a fantastical realm where grapes are the rulers and wine barrels are the loyal subjects. Picture yourself as the protagonist in a tale of vinous valor, a swashbuckling sommelier on a quest for the liquid ruby that dances in goblets, enchanting palates far and wide. Your journey? A meandering path through a land where the hills wear grapevines like lavish green gowns and the sun plays peek-a-boo with the clouds to ripen the royal fruit to perfection.

Welcome to Logroño, the heart of the Rioja wine region! Here, the streets are paved with tales of vintage triumphs and the air buzzes with the anticipation of the next sip. The star of the show is Calle del Laurel, a tapas crawler’s paradise, where each bar is a portal to gastronomic bliss, serving up local delicacies. If you are into exploring some landmarks as well, you can always pay a visit to the Co-cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda, a stunning architectural marvel, featuring twin baroque towers and housing treasures like paintings attributed to Michelangelo.


Venture a little further to discover Laguardia, where cellars buried beneath medieval streets hold secrets as old as time. This is a medieval fortress town where cars are banned and time takes a siesta! Here, you can wander the cobblestone streets, marvel at the beautiful ancient walls offering breath-taking panoramic views, or dive underground to explore the labyrinth of wine cellars, each cradling bottles of liquid history. If you want to escape the warm Spanish sun, you can always visit the Church of Santa María de los Reyes, famous for its intricately carved polychrome portal, and a magnificent example of religious art.

Beyond the vineyards, Rioja's monasteries whisper tales of wine's holy beginnings in the region, a testament to its divine nature. You can visit, for example, the Wine Culture Museum, a true temple for wine lovers, offering a journey through the soul of Rioja's viniculture.


If you look for art and culture...

2 - If you are an art and culture lover...

Get ready, art aficionados and culture vultures, because we are diving into a city so jam-packed with art and joie de vivre, that it is practically bursting at the seams! In this unnamed urban wonderland, "bored" is a word only found in ancient texts. We are talking about a place where the Prado, Reina Sofia, and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums form a golden triangle of art. These are like portals to other worlds, packed to the rafters with stunning works, such as Velázquez's "Las Meninas", Picasso's "Guernica", and Van Gogh's "Les Vessenots in Auvers".

So, where is this cultural heaven, you ask? In the midst of all this, you find yourself – yes, you have guessed it – in the heart of MadridBut wait, there is more! Ever heard of the Rastro market? It is less of a market and more of an open-air party where antiques, clothes and quirky treasures play hide and seek with the lucky ones who find them. So, pack your most expressive scarf and your curiosity, because Madrid is ready to serve you a slice of its boundless cultural pie, topped with a dash of whimsy and a whole lot of love.


If you are a history lover...

Toledo 2

History buffs and time-travel enthusiasts, strap on your helmets, because we are about to get on a journey to a place that is practically a time machine! This is more than any old spot on the map – it is a living, breathing museum without walls. You are in a city where cultures collided, leaving behind a mosaic of architectural marvels that span centuries. Here, Christians, Muslims, and Jews once shared their knowledge, art, and culinary secrets, creating a cultural cocktail.

Let's roll out the red carpet for our historical hero: Toledo, the once-glorious capital of Spain. The Alcázar of Toledo is a massive fortress that sits atop the city like it owns the place.  Inside, you will find a military museum to geek out over shiny armour and ancient weapons. Next, strut down to the Toledo Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. It is like they took all the grandeur of the Middle Ages, added some heavenly light through stained-glass, and threw in a dash of "we have more gold than your pirate ship". And then there is the El Greco Museum, tucked away in the Jewish Quarter, celebrating the city's favorite adopted son, El Greco.


If you enjoy good gastronomy...

San Sebastian pintxos

Foodies and flavour seekers, get ready to get on a culinary crusade to a place so rich in taste, it is like the buffet of the gods decided to set up shop on Earth! Imagine a city where every bite is a masterpiece, and the chefs are so legendary, they have got more stars than a clear night sky. In this delicious destination, the humble pintxo is king, transforming bar hopping into a quest for the holy grail of taste. Have you guessed where this flavour paradise is?

Welcome to San Sebastián, the undisputed Michelin star capital of Spain, where the good life gets its tutorial! Nestled in the Basque Country, this city celebrates food as if every meal is a festival. Plus, there is plenty to explore! First on the menu is La Concha Beach, a crescent of golden sand, so stunning. Next up, shimmy over to Parte Vieja, the Old Town, where the narrow streets are lined with more pintxo bars than you can shake a stick at. This is where calories come to party, and diets go to die. Each bar is packed with bite-sized delights that will have you saying "just one more" until you are plotting how to move here permanently.

If you love to be by the sea...

5 - If you love to be by the sea...

Ahoy, sea lovers! Prepare to set sail on an adventure to a sun-drenched paradise where the sea sparkles like a treasure chest of diamonds. Picture a coast so stunning, it is as if Mother Nature herself took a paintbrush and splashed the most vibrant shades of blue and gold across her canvas. Here, the sun is your loyal companion, always shining bright, ensuring your days are filled with warmth.

Welcome to Málaga and the Costa del Sol! This city is the crown jewel of Spain’s southern coast. Besides the dreamy beaches, there is a lot to explore, like the Alcazaba, a fortress perched atop a hill offering fantastic views. Strolling through its gardens and patios is like time-traveling to a period drama set! Next, dive into the Picasso Museum, because what is a visit to Málaga without paying homage to its most famous son? And then, for a dash of the exotic, saunter down to the Atarazanas Market. It is a true carnival of senses and the buzz of activity is the perfect soundtrack to sample the local olives.


Costa del sol


But Málaga is far from being the only gem in Costa del Sol! Here, the towns dotting the coast have a rivalry going on about who can be more charming. Marbella brings the glam, with yachts that have their own social media following, while Nerja plays it cool with its stunning balconies and a cave that could double as a concert hall for rock bands (pun intended). Then there is Estepona, flaunting its flower-laden streets like it is spring year-round, making you wonder if you have walked into a painting.

Discover your perfect Spanish match: A city for every heart

And there you have it, a whirlwind tour of Spain's finest, served up with a side of cheeky charm and a sprinkling of wanderlust. So, pack your bags, but leave room for the memories and the tapas you will undoubtedly collect along the way. As we wrap up this postcard-perfect journey, take a moment to imagine yourself in each of these stunning locales, cocktail in hand, laughter in the air, and an endless horizon of Spanish delights just waiting to be explored, and get in touch with us so we can bring you to your perfect Spanish match!


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